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The 186th Infantry Regiment was constituted on the 7th of December, 1921, as a separate Battalion in the Oregon Army National Guard. By 31 March 1922, it was re-designated the 1st Battalion, 186th Infantry, and was made up of companies from Gresham, Portland, Hood River, Cottage Grove and Medford.   In 1940, the Regiment was inducted into Federal service for a year of training. When war broke out with the attack on Pearl Harbor, the year extended into ‘the duration'. The 186th, as a part of the 41st Infantry Division, was one of the first American Combat units to be sent overseas. Papua-New Guinea was the site of the Regiment's first combat. Working with the other Regiments of the Division and elements of the Australian Army, the 186th helped overcome difficult resistance by Japanese troops. The Papuan campaign lasted from early January into September 1943. The Regiment landed in New Guinea in April 1944 and helped secure that archipelago by late July. Following reorganization, the effort shifted to the invasion of the Phillipines. The 186th went ashore on Palawan Island, in the southern Philippines, in February, 1945. That campaign lasted for the remainder of the war. With the 186th scheduled to take part in the invasion of Japan, planned for November, the end of the war allowed the Regiment to enter Japan peacefully, as occupation troops instead. In December 1945, the Regiment, and the 41st Division, were deactivated in Japan, and left active service. The Regiment was re-organized in December 1946. In 1968, the Regiment was reduced to a single Battalion, and the Headquarters was moved to Ashland.  Units are currently located in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, Klamath Falls and Coos Bay.  

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